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Minekraft Kombat Skins are now available for your download! Build or Destroy your Minecraft world as Ermac, Johnny Cage or Kenshi! Poster included.

Download ZIP File Here!













We’ve heard your pleas so we’ve made available most of the skins used in Avemagnadude Animations as a ZIP Download! Oh Joy!



Download ZIP File here!


If you need help setting up your skin, you can check out this video.

As an added bonus, enjoy this Minerim wallpaper!









1600×1200 HD Wallpaper
1280×1024 HD Wallpaper


  1. azombiepizza says:

    i have recently wached one of your videos on machinima and they are great to be honest but at the end it says you could get these skins . so io went on this website and looked but couldnt find any where that i could get those skins. please respond i want the ac3 conor skin. thank you

  2. mrTroll19 says:

    Please! I REALLY need the skin! It’s AMAZING!!! xD

  3. WinChester says:

    Good skins :3

  4. NvSiN says:

    I watched the assassin’s craft video and saw a very cool 3d skin that looked like Dovahkiin. I was wondering if that really exists or if I’m searching so hard for it in vain.

  5. Alex says:

    These are really awesome (and so are the mashups), it’s just a shame the actually Dovahkiin costume isn’t possible, well at least without mods as far as I know.

  6. frederic says:

    hi so I clicked the picture and then save as.
    But I don’t know in what map from Minecraft I need to put it in…
    I have : bin,resources,saves,stats,texture packs
    pls respond

  7. leobanek says:

    i need the dovakin skin plsssssssss

  8. Gomenasai says:

    Is there a Mine Effect 3 Zombie skin available?

  9. TheRealTukz says:

    Hey, your work is great, and may you upload the alien-skin form Mine Effect 3?

  10. Alex says:

    hey guys, great work the skins are awesome but have you thought about texture packs? I mean all trailers look so cool and it would be so nice to play Assassins Craft :) )

  11. Awesome says:

    How do I put these as my skin?

  12. Arrow says:

    I was wondering, are they really detailed in-game as they are in the videos? Or is that just an effect with the program you use?

  13. Mark says:

    Next you NEED to get the soldiers from minefield 3!!! Also, the husk’d be nice :D

  14. That Guy says:

    Was wondering if you were going to add the husk skin from the mine effect 3 video? Thanks.

  15. Assassin407 says:

    I want DOVAHKIIN!!!! Amazing job.

  16. Jesse says:

    I watched battle craft 3 and then I went on this website to find the BC3 skins but they didn’t exist! I hope you make them soon.

  17. gage says:

    i want the battlecraft skin those were sweet

  18. MrD says:

    Thanks for the awesome skins and videos :D

  19. Declan says:

    Where is the Skyrim skin ?

  20. Jesse says:

    When will the new skins be up

  21. markus says:

    whats up

  22. Assasin says:

    How do I Download the skin and put it on my guy?

  23. Assasin says:

    If you know reply to me

  24. ClarkyJay says:

    Wheres The Skyrim Skin?

  25. malthe says:

    i really want the dovhakiin skin for im building statues on a server and want that skin maby you could sent it to me

  26. Mark says:

    How about those casual soldier skins from mine effect 3? They’re pretty sweet

  27. UNDEAD says:

    dude!!! i like this vid more then the actual trailer!!! what editing program did u use?

  28. UNDEAD says:

    Whats premiere?

  29. UNDEAD says:

    Yo assassin. Do u want the assassin skin?

  30. Bunnytickles says:

    Hey,just wanna ask,is there the ender scrolls V minerim skin anywhere.
    i really want it and it looks awesome!

  31. ClarkyJay says:

    THE DUDE Wheres The Skyrim/Dovahkin Skin??? U Said It Was Hear!

  32. Demon says:


  33. evan says:

    when are the american patriots beeing put in also when are the battlefield 3 skins beiing added

  34. slug says:

    just wondering what program you use for the animation process?

  35. Devilss says:


  36. jesse says:

    you said the new skins would be up & days ago

  37. jman says:

    guys go on his google plus page for the battle craft 3 skin

  38. Assassin407 says:

    Can you please make a texture pck for the Assassins Craft? That would be cool! :D

  39. Mark says:

    Any chance of getting out the dovakiin skin, that skin’s the business

  40. Vude says:

    I came here for the dovahkiin skin, and its not here -.-

  41. Jami393 says:

    How do I actually download the Assassin’s Craft skin after clicking on the poster image?

  42. Assassin407 says:

    Can you make a Skyrim Dovahkiin skin?

  43. Darkman says:

    Hi i was wondering what version of blender do you use?btw nice skins and videos :)

  44. martinsk8798 says:

    Hey, i want the ac3 skin but i click on the poster and nothing happened, please help because i want the conor skin :3

  45. marcus says:

    i wish these were for xbox i would so get them.

  46. Blake says:

    Can you do any for the 360 edition? I like to have assassins creed skins.

  47. Canyon says:

    You gotta see if you can find a way to get these on 360 if you haven’t yet

  48. someone says:

    can you put direct links to the images so i can put them on mine shfter?

  49. Joel Tron says:

    Why does the dovah steve have not have any horns?

  50. Trololol says:

    Hey, when will you be getting the Assassins Craft skins up? I really want Connor! ;D

  51. Somedude says:

    Hey, i love the skins, however the dovahkiin skin seemed to have a lack of horns on his helmet, is this a bug or can it simply not be done as a skin

  52. Somedude says:

    I checked again and switched to dovasteve again, and now the skin isnt working entirely, i dont know what the think?!

  53. Joshua says:

    were is The connoer (assassins Craft) skin?

  54. Eric says:

    I wish these were for xbox

  55. [...] no site da galera do Avemagnadude você ainda pode fazer download de skins de Minecraft que foram usadas nos [...]

  56. Sam says:

    Where is the assassin’s craft 3 skin?

  57. [...] It's just a skin pack but I thought i'd share because the skins are really well done. Download here Minecraft Skins | Avemagnadude [...]

  58. CarrEternal says:

    I absolutely LOVE your videos! I MUST know what program you use to make the scenes like fighting the dragon in Skyrim, or the trailer from Assassin’s Creed 3!

  59. Crackator says:

    hey, i love the Assassins Craft skins but i dont know how to upload it to minecraft ive watched the video which youve posted but it dosent tell me how to upload ur file so help would be apreciated! :)

  60. yur ass says:

    Is there a Connor skin?

  61. theodor says:

    where do you get the ac3 muskets

  62. RiverDude says:

    Hey when i watched the Assassin’s Craft video it was awesome i wanted the Assassin’s skin but I can’t find it here where is it?

  63. tj says:

    how do i get ac3 skin

  64. Minecrafak says:

    hello,im realy profesional on minecraft,can i ask??? is go this texturepacks(skins) in minecraft 1.8.1

  65. fall3nblaz3 says:

    hey you should release conner to the public he looks really cool

  66. DatBronyGamer says:

    could you make a mod or something to add horns on the dovasteve skin and like the slim on the one’s head , i would be really gratefull

  67. ST3P ReLoAdz says:

    Can I get these skins on Xbox

  68. Akechi_JSide says:

    hey guys I really love that Mine Effect 3 Golem-Thingy Guy could you release that skin for the Golems too?
    would be awesome :D

  69. southpark says:

    hey can i have your assassin craft 3 skin for me to use in a server i am helping out please it would be amazing if i could

  70. DUDE says:


  71. CONNOR says:

    I have recently wached one of your videos at the end it says you could get these skins, but there isn’t the ac3 connor skin :(
    i want the connor skin!

  72. Lucas says:

    Please Put the Skin From Assassin’s Creed Skin That I Irada

  73. Lorenz Jimenez says:

    Can You Make The Brin Skin From
    The Parable Of Brin.

  74. Lorenz Jimenez says:

    The Captain One Please… Salamat!

  75. brin skin! says:

    hey ave! i subbed you on youtube can you please release the (NEW) parable of brin skin! its freaking awesome and id give you so much props for it! please i really love it!

  76. Vargason10 says:

    Hey, can you make a Parable of brin skins?

  77. ringostar_94 says:

    I have only one thing to say: Good Job!

  78. conor says:

    their is no ac3 skin for conor

  79. parable of brin wanted! says:


  80. brinthekid says:

    come on man weve been waiting for the brin skin!

  81. FaTALiNFeRN0 says:

    What animation software do you use for your animations? i would really like to know :D

  82. sergey says:

    а куда кидать скин

  83. BrinTheKid says:

    hey cmon please guys! i just want that new brin skin and id be so appreciative!

  84. Sea6324 says:

    Completely like this skins!!!!!expressly assassin’s creed 3!!!!!you guys are soooo genius!!!!! XD

  85. BrinTheKid says:

    you guys encouraged me so much to try harder ive started doing my own animations my name was motivation thsanks to you guys im getting bigger and its all because of you… now i want to get the new brin skin spcifically so i can use it to have a permanent skin on minecraft i litterally bought a new account and named it brinthekid… cmon guys the new brin skin! i loved it so much now just give it to us!

  86. Deathy28 says:

    Proud Filipino right here. Galing mo. :)

  87. SkythekidRS says:

    yo those were cool videos nice job

  88. SkythekidRS says:

    i downloaded that skin thing and i rely like those skins who made them

  89. SkythekidRS says:

    oh if u guys want to make your own skin check out minersneedcoolshoes.com

  90. SkythekidRS says:

    minecon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Jivusa says:

    Is it okay if I use the skins in the pack to build off of and make others?
    Credit will be given where credit is due.

  92. Jivusa says:

    Is it okay if I use the skins in the pack to build off of and make others?
    Credit will be given where credit is due.

  93. Christian says:

    Dude, you’re filipino? this is the first time I’ve been proud of our race! :D

  94. Anonimus1.0 says:

    Hey dude you should take request from these guys! some dragon age 2 skins would be soooo epic

  95. we want the brin says:

    ave cmon dude weve been waiting for well over 5 months… i was one of the first to watch and like you rprequel of brin and thats the video that made me sub you all were asking for is the Brin prequel skin! i understand youre busy with other stuff but it takes less then 5 minutes to upload it!

  96. ummm says:

    hey can you make a minearim texture pack please?
    id love the iron helmet to have those horns!

  97. Rahkon:kentoke'th says:

    i found the conner skin but how did i get it make a youtube video how or tell me step by step

  98. Rahken:kethko'tek says:

    yeah me to

  99. Rahken:kethko'tek says:

    i found the conner skin but how do i get it

  100. dark_sael says:

    Can you make a skin of the captain in “Parable of Brin”

  101. Jason says:

    Does this works for the XBOX 360 version too?

  102. Elephantman14 says:

    Hey i really love ur animations on youtube, especially the assassins creed one (Assassins Craft). Would it be possible for me to download the weapons u use to use in one of my animations? i do use a diffrent program than u though, i use mine imator instead (I can not figure out blender, so i have alot of respect for anyone who can)

  103. the damn brin skin says:

    i give up on you guys,we beg and we beg for the new brin skin and youre too lazy to give it to us? fine you just lost a subscriber,i liked your videos but you guys gotta give back to us sometimes!

  104. where do you download the assassins craft skin i cant find it anywhere

  105. nevermind there all here

  106. Amy quinones says:

    Dragonborn does not come with his horns!

  107. BrinSkin says:

    Hey ave can you release the skin we all want brin 2 skin frm your second machinima its sad you’ve kept us waiting half a year :(

  108. Krauser Jan says:

    Dear Happy Hour,
    Can you make a minecraft PE skin of assassins craft 3 skin Download ZIP code please. Thank you.

  109. Krauser Jan says:

    Can you make a download ZIP Code for the Minecraft Pe skin assassns craft 3. Thank you.

  110. brin skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    AVE COME ON DUDE! BRIN SKIN 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. niki craft says:

    hey , hola oye no se pero me gustan mucho la peli de iron man …. y marvel avengers por eso te queria pedir si puedes hacer una imagen sobre los vengadores y llamarlos vengacraft ha y si , podi has una imagen de kratos y que se llame krafto.

  112. yup says:

    hey you should really make a texture pack it doesnt have to be anything special i really want like the special ax and all that stuff

  113. mischajay says:

    Hello avemagnadude,

    I already sent you a message on youtube, but just to make sure you see this, here it is again:

    I make Minecraft-skins on the website Planet Minecraft. Recently I recieved a message from a user who asked me to check out his skins. I did, and saw that he uploaded a bunch of the skins that you used in your Minecraft-animations. I told him that uploading skins that he did not make himself is not allowed, but he claimed that he is your friend and that he actually made those skins for you. His username on Planet Minecraft is “BrinTHKid”.

    Can you confirm this claim? I suppose not, but I’m interested to know who actually made these skins, so I can resolve this issue and am able to have his skins deleted.

    Thanks a lot in advance for you answer,

    • the dude says:

      Thanks for letting us know. Never heard of the guy. We make our own skins by hand and have not worked with anybody else at this point.
      Again, and thanks. But feel free to make the skins available in your site if you want. :)
      The dude

  114. M0BSLAYER1001 says:

    hey guys,

    I was just wondering how do you download and upload the skin you would like?
    Please reply please please please pleasssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can you help me out?

  115. Mark says:

    When oh when is the second Brin skin being released?

  116. Connor says:

    I like assassin

  117. RisingFR says:

    Hey i need the Musket rig for cinema 4D, can i have this? Thank’s.

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